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We are your best choice in Canada for Travel Medical Insurance and Visitors Insurance. We specialize in  Canadian Travel Medical Insurance and Visitors to Canada Insurance, selling competitive, low cost insurance for Canadians waiting for Provincial Health Care, Immigrants, Canadian Expatriate, World Wide Expatriate, Canadian snowbird travel insurance,  International Students, Top up Plans, Single and Annual Multi Trip  Plans, Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay, Air Flight Accident, 24 hour Accident, Dental and Extended Health and other related insurance plans. 

We  can also insure most pre-existing medical insurance conditions, such as: heart bypass, heart attack,  heart stent, stroke, TIA, High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, Diabetes, Peripheral vascular disease, Lung and Asthma conditions, aneurysm as well as many other medical conditions. We have exceptionally low rates on very healthy clients and competitive premium rates on all others. Our contracted companies: LS Mutual Tour Med Travel Insurance, Manulife Financial Travel Insurance, RSA Medi Select Advantage Travel Insurance, Allianz Global Assistance, Destination Travel and Prime Link  will review individually submitted high risk applications and may be able to provide coverage on pre existing conditions with short stability periods that other insurers can not insure. However some individual health conditions may be simply uninsurable at any price.


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    Allianz Global AssistanceManulife Blue Cross, TuGo Travel  are now  on line for instant insurance purchases on Out of Canada and Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance,  policy detail and rates. But call us or e mail us first! For Blue Cross in French please click on Blue Cross - en Francais

    Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay:  Most of our companies have  dropped the 'buy it immediately' rule. If you booked your trip last week, or even a month ago, we can still sell you trip cancellation.  However RSA does require you purchase your trip cancellation within 7 days of the initial deposit on the trip. Tour Med requires you purchase within 15 days of the deposit on your trip. All Inclusive plans may be available at any time prior to departure.  There are lots and lots of rules.  That's why is smart to speak to an Insurance Broker for professional help.

    Early Bird  Sales and Birthday Special Rates: Buy  your fall or winter trip insurance early, and beat the premium increases.  Rates normally go up in the summer and fall, not down!  And the low Canadian Dollar has impacted rates the most.  Departure and return dates can be adjusted prior to departure.   We have a number of companies which rate  age at application date, NOT DEPARTURE, which can save considerable premiums!  Premiums are frequently sold in "age bands".  If you purchase your travel insurance before your next birthday  which would normally put you in a higher rate band,  you will save money!

    Disclaimer: Please refer to policies for complete details. It is recommended you speak with a qualified Insurance Broker prior to purchase. On line policy information is available for your  personal research.  We do not recommend you purchase a policy online without contacting us first.

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