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• $5 million­—emergency medical treatment

• Ambulance and paramedic fees

• Prescription drug coverage

• Emergency air evacuation with qualified medical personnel

• Surgeon, physician, and specialist care

• Return of your vehicle

• Emergency dental coverage

• Return to destination benefit

$150,000 Stability Guarantee - Optional coverage at additional premium

• And more!

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  • Ray@IceColdNorth.com   att: Ray Battiston or Kipp Battiston
  • Ray Battiston, BA, CAIB, CIP,      Canadian Travel Medical Insurance Broker
    Box 510   7 Red Haven Drive, St Davids Ontario L0S 1P0 Canada
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    Business: 1  905-262-6575
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      Office hours: Monday -Friday, 9 AM-5PM EST, closed holidays  (voice messages and e mail checked after hours)

    Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay:  Most of our companies have  dropped the 'buy it immediately' rule. If you booked your trip last week, or even a month ago, we can still sell you trip cancellation. 

    Early Bird  Sales and Birthday Special Rates: Buy  your fall or winter trip insurance early, and beat the premium increases.  We expect some big increases for the 2009-2010 season from every Insurer, including the 'other' guys. Rates normally go up in the summer and fall, not down!  Departure and return dates can be adjusted prior to departure.   We have a number of companies which rate  age at application date, NOT DEPARTURE, which can save considerable premiums!  Premiums are frequently sold in "age bands".  If you purchase your travel insurance before your next birthday  which would normally put you in a higher rate band,  you will save money!

    Disclaimer: Please refer to policies for complete details. It is recommended you speak with a qualified Insurance Broker prior to purchase. On line policy information is available for your  personal research.  We do not recommend you purchase a policy online without contacting us first.

      Copyright Infringement: Our web pages are copyrighted and include technical writing which is  our intellectual property.  Canadian Agents or Brokers who illegally upload any or all of Ray Battiston copyrighted material can expect serious consequences including  loss of:  their Provincial insurance license(s) or censure, Insurance contracts,  professional designation(s), ISP service, as well as civil penalty. Consideration may be given for reproduction  by request from certain authors or journalists to for their articles, provided we are given proper credit.

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    Ray Battiston, Canadian Travel Insurance Broker

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    PO Box 510
    , 7 Red Haven Drive, St Davids, On L0S 1P0 Tel: 905-262-6575  ,

    Toll Free  1-800 -526-7420,  Fax: 1-866-614-8753

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    Where is St Davids, Ontario?  St Davids is a village located on the southern edge of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, just below the Niagara Escarpment. Right in the centre of wine country.

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