Special Underwriting for Pre-existing Conditions

TuGo Travel Insurance Visitors to Canada Platinum Plan from Ray Battiston, Canadian Insurance Broker



Applicant must be a visitor to Canada, an immigrant awaiting provincial government health care coverage,

or a returning Canadian. The applicant is over the age of 14 days old and has not reached the age of 90 years at the time of application.


$10,000 TO $300,000  in $10,000 Increments


A deductible does not apply unless the applicant chooses one of the deductible options at a discounted premium.

- $500 CAD deductible = 10% Discount

 • $1,000 CAD deductible = 20% Discount

 -$5,000 CAD deductible = 35% Discount

-$10,000 CAD deductible = 45% Discount

Deductible options must be selected prior to the effective date of the policy. Deductible amount

can not be amended mid-term. All Insureds on the policy must have the same

deductible option. The deductible only applies to the Emergency Hospital/Medical Coverage of the policy.


If insurance was purchased prior to arrival date in Canada the “Waiting Period” does not apply.

If purchased after arrival date in Canada, coverage is subject to “Waiting Period” requirements as indicated.

“Waiting Period” means a) if this policy was purchased within 60 days after your arrival in Canada, then in respect of any

sickness you will only be entitled to receive benefits for the cost of eligible medical expenses incurred after the first 48 hours from the effective

date of this policy; or, b) if this policy was purchased 61 days or more after your arrival in Canada then in respect of

any sickness you will only be entitled to receive benefits for the cost of eligible medical expenses incurred after seven (7) days from the effective date of this policy. If the applicant has seen a Doctor since entering Canada, please contact our office.


For persons 69 years and under, pre-existing conditions are covered if stable in the 120 days prior to the effective date of this policy.

For persons 70 to 79 years, pre-existing conditions are not covered; however coverage for pre-existing conditions can be purchased. See subheading optional

pre-existing conditions coverage rider for details. For persons 80 to 89 years, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Optional pre-existing conditions coverage rider for persons 70-79 years The applicant can purchase an additional optional

coverage to cover pre-existing conditions provided they were stable in the 120 days prior to the effective

date of the policy. A 25% surcharge will apply.


The total premium per policy must be $15.00 or more.

TuGo Travel Rate Chart- Platinum Visitors

TuGo Travel  Visitors Platinum Policy Wording

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To apply for a policy, please contact us by phone or e mail.  Coverage can be confirmed by e mail and originals mailed out to the address of your choice.

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    Disclaimer: Please refer to policies for complete details. It is recommended you speak with a qualified Insurance Broker prior to purchase. On line policy information is available for your  personal research. Call us or e mail us first before making your buying decision!

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