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    Sometimes  you, your partner, family member, friend, etc. will require special medical underwriting in order to qualify for medical insurance - either out of Canada, or Visitors  to Canada or returning Canadians. Many  stable pre existing conditions can be covered but not all can be! Some conditions are simply not insurable. Our contracted companies listed below will review your application and advise us if they are able to cover your conditions.  Please, contact our office first to review your personal requirements as we may have a regular plan which will adequately cover you without having to go through a special  underwriting process! Your application may be faxed, scanned and e mailed or mailed to us directly.

     Our office has 4  company  medical underwriting  applications for Canadian residents traveling out of Canada. Each company has its own requirements and does not accept the application of another company.


    Manulife Individual Medical Underwriting Plan 

    You may be eligible for Manulife’s Individual Medical Underwriting Plan that provides emergency medical insurance coverage for your trip. The Individual Medical Underwriting Plan provides coverage of pre-existing conditions with no required stability period.

    It is quick and easy to apply. It only takes one phone call. You will need to:

    answer questions about your medical conditions

    know your travel dates and

    provide the broker contact information below

    Please note that you can get a quote anytime but you can only purchase the Individual Medical Underwriting Plan up to 45 days in advance of your departure date. Quotes are subject to change.

    Call for a quote: 1-877-884-8283  or (519) 251-7417

     If your quote is acceptable please advise Manulife your Broker referral is Ray Battiston

     Broker Code #559100, and call us or e mail us back to advise you have purchased this plan.

     There is no extra fee for this referral service from us.

    LS Mutual Tour Med  - LS Mutual is licensed to sell to residents of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. You may fill out the forms yourself,  or if you prefer, have your Doctor fill it out and fax, scan e mail or mail the apps to us. You must fill out the regular application as well as the medical questionnaire.  Please go to our  Tour Med page to download the two apps.

     RSA  Medi Select Only your Doctor can fill out this form which you can download at     Fax, scan e mail or mail back to us

    Allianz Global Assistance  You or your Doctor may complete the application. You must sign the app where indicated. Visitors must also sign the application.  Download this form at  Fax, scan e mail or mail the application back to us.

    Visitors to Canada, returning Canadians or immigrants awaiting Provincial Health Care Cover

    In some cases you may need special underwriting in order to cover pre existing conditions. When this is the case we suggest Allianz Global Assistance  at   The client signature must be on this form and it can be faxed, scanned e mailed or mailed back to my office.  We also have access to 21st Century and Tugo Travel Insurance which provide pre exisitng conditions coverage with limitations on their policies.  Best to contact us directly first for full information.

    In addition to our office there are many other sources of competing special or Medical Underwriting offers. Since we only are familiar with our own contracted companies, we can not recommend competing plans.  Unfortunately there are some health conditions which can not be insured for any amount of premium.

    News Flash

    TuGo Travel Insurance , Manulife, Alliance Global Assistance, Blue Cross ,  RSA  and Tour Med are now  on line on our web site  for immediate insurance purchases,  policy detail and rates. But call us or e mail us first! We can tell you which one is the best choice for your personal situation.

     Early Bird News: Buy  your fall or winter trip insurance now, and beat the premium increases.  Rates normally go up in the summer and fall. Departure and return dates can be adjusted prior to departure.

    Birthday Specials: What's the best birthday present?  Sometimes cold hard cash.  We have a number of companies which rate your trip premium at age at application, NOT DEPARTURE, which may save a tremendous amount in premium for you.  Premiums are frequently sold in "age bands".  If you are able to purchase your trip in advance at a lower age band, you will save money! Call us today to discuss Birthday Special choices.

    Disclaimer: Please refer to policies for complete details. It is recommended you speak with a qualified Insurance Broker prior to purchase. On line policy information is available for your research. Call us or e mail us first!


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