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New policy information on Canadian Travellers, Visitors to Canada and Students is now up todate on our Quick Quote link listed below

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Manulife Financial Travel Insurance Plan is one of  many  Insurers I represent.  We  have quotes and policy detail online with Manulife  at Quick Quote  You can get Rates, Policy Information and even buy your policy from that page.  Don't hesitate to contact me  or Kipp Battiston directly on any questions you may have. This plan may be purchased up to 180 days in advance of the trip. Medical questions apply at age 60 and over.  Get a Birthday special rate by ordering your coverage in advance of a birthday which would normally put you in a higher age band rate.

Manulife limits are now $10,000,000 per person.  The standard deductible is 0.  Credits are available for higher deductibles. There are policy wording and application changes from last years' program.

We can also quote your Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay.  Apply online on our Quick Quote link  or call our office.

*Individuals who are not eligible to purchase MFTI  or short stability periods may be eligible to purchase Manulife’s Individual Medical Underwriting Plan -MUPS- that does provides emergency medical coverage.  These plans can be purchased no more than 45 days in advance of their departure date. Quotes are subject to change.  Contact Ray Battiston first to determine if an underwritten option is your best choice. The applicant will need to answer questions about their medical conditions,  and know their travel dates. See additional information below.  

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Choose the plan that’s right for you


For travel outside your home province or Canada choose:
    • an Emergency Medical Plan that provides coverage for an unexpected medical emergency during your trip; or
    • the Travel Canada Plan that provides emergency medical benefits at half the premium when all your travel is within Canada; or
    • an All-Inclusive Plan if your plans include pre-paid travel arrangements. Includes Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay, and Flight and Travel Accident. Or you can purchase the Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance separately.
    • Stand alone Trip Cancellation can now be purchased at anytime prior to departure.

For Visitors to Canada choose:
    • the level of coverage that’s right for you
    • optional Trip Interruption or Travel Accident
    • Single-Trip plans only.


Manulife Individual Medical Underwriting Plan -MUPS

You may be eligible for Manulife’s Individual Medical Underwriting Plan that provides emergency medical insurance coverage for your trip. The Individual Medical Underwriting Plan provides coverage of pre-existing conditions with no required stability period.

It is quick and easy to apply. It only takes one phone call. You will need to:

answer questions about your medical conditions

know your travel dates and

provide the broker contact information below

Please note that you can get a quote anytime but you can only purchase the Individual Medical Underwriting Plan up to 45 days in advance of your departure date. Quotes are subject to change.

Call for a quote: 1-877-884-8283  or (519) 251-7417  If your quote is acceptable please advise Manulife your Broker referral is Ray Battiston  Broker Code 559100, and call us or e mail us back to advise you have purchased this plan. There is no fee to have my office listed as Broker of Record.


Disclaimer: This is a brief description only. For specific policy provision details, please refer to the policy. We encourage you to call us if you have additional travel insurance questions or concerns. It is strongly recommended you speak to a Ray Battiston Insurance Broker prior to buying on line.

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