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LS Travel  - Tour+ Med is another one of our well respected Canadian Travel Insurance Plans. Premium rates are based on age at application date, in advance of trip up to six months in the future.   It's like a birthday present if you stay in the lower age bracket, by purchasing your travel insurance in advance of your birthday. This can be a much better deal than companies which rate your age based on departure date where there has been a recent birthday that would put you into a higher age band.

Per Trip Plan

Per trip plans are available for travelers aged 3 months and older, without any age limit. They cover you for trips outside of your province of residence, anywhere around the world, and for a maximum duration of 183 or 212 days (depending on your province of residence). Longer trips can also be insured, but clients need to contact their government health insurance services for an authorization, and must be approved by Tour+Med.

Family Plan

Our family plan can insure parents and up to 4 children on the same policy, for a single trip or on an annual basis. This plan is available for trips of 48 days and less, anywhere around the world. To be eligible, parents must be 55 years old or less, and children must be between 3 months and 21 years old on departure date, unmarried, and dependant of their parent for support.

Multi-trip annual plan

The multi-trip annual plan is an insurance contract valid for a period of 365 consecutive days, covering all of your trips of 8, 18, 30 days and less. For a single premium at the time of purchase, you can travel as many times as you wish, anywhere around the world, without having to call us back before each departure, providing that the trip duration does not exceed the number of days covered by your plan.

If you need to extend one of your trips beyond the covered maximum period, give us a call! Our unique extension program allows you to do so.

*Conditions and age limits may apply. Please read to the policy for details.

You are aged from 56 to 74 years old (inclusive)?
You might be interested in our biennial plan Tour+Med 2.0.

For emergency assistance while traveling

If you are insured with Tour+Med and need to receive medical treatment while you are out of your province of residence, you or your travel companion must immediately call Tour+Med Emergency Assistance.

From USA & Canada, call toll free 1 844 820-6588, elsewhere 1 888 820-6588 or 1 819 377-2241 (collect). Please be sure to have your policy number ready when you call.

Before you access the appropriate health services, you must obtain an authorization from the emergency assistance team. Our professional services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English or in French, from anywhere in the world.

Should you fail to immediately contact Emergency Assistance, your benefits may be limited. The Insurer reserves the right to reduce the reimbursement of services to 70% of eligible expenses, to a maximum of CAN $25,000.

For any questions pursuant to the opening of your file, you may contact the assistance team by email: assistance-florida@tourmed.ca.

Call Ray Battiston today or click link below:

LS Travel and Tour + Med Travel Insurance rates are now fully computerized for individual quoting by the Broker. The premums are now available online at my web page:  Buy Online Tour Med Travel Insurance

Need help on Tour Med for extended hours: to 7;30PM Week days and 10 AM to 3:30 PM EST on Saturday, phone Tour Med Service at 1 877 344 8308- and if in need of a new quote or purchase, mention Ray Battiston, Boker # RE22 referred you.

 Do you have a Tour Med Claim to report?  Please call EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY  at  1 888 820 6588, COLLECT AT 1 954 340 1912 in USA and Canada.  Elsewhere call 1 888 910 0900, or collect 1 954 340 1408.


Disclaimer: The above is a brief description only.  Rates and underwriting subject to change. Please refer to actual policy wording for full details.

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